A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Popular Majors at Michigan State University

A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Popular Majors at Michigan State University

Brad LaPlanteJune 02, 2023

Your major is many things. In some ways, it defines you and your career. Your career begins here. Michigan State University offers a vast range of majors and programs to cater almost anyone’s interests. Whether you’re an incoming freshman this fall, a prospective student or just simply curious about MSU’s educational landscape, this guide will help you understand what majors MSU offers and which are most commonly chosen.

Business Administration

Many schools offer business degrees but Michigan State is known for its Broad School of Business. It is one of the largest in the country with more than 8,000 undergraduate and professional students. If you’re intrigued by business, MSU is an excellent choice. Graduates often find themselves well-prepared for their individual careers and go on to be very successful.


The communications major at Michigan State University was the first established communications program in the United States. The student body currently in communications is large and has a lot of history. This program offers many majors such as media and information. The college has state-of-the-art facilities and plenty of internships to choose from. MSU’s communications school ranks No. 4 globally.


Many students come to Michigan State seeking a degree in journalism. Whether it’s the Spartan Sports Report, the independently-run State News student newspaper, Big Ten Network or Impact student radio station, there are plenty of opportunities for students to get real-world experience in the field of journalism or broadcast journalism.


MSU’s College of Engineering is routinely recognized for its research and emphasis on hands-on learning. Students can major in chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. These provide a unique experience and will prepare you for your field.


MSU’s College of Education ranks No. 2 worldwide and is dedicated to preparing the next generation of educators. Students can major in elementary education, secondary education, special education and kinesiology. The college partners with schools and community organizations to provide practical teaching experience and professional development.

Agricultural Science

This wouldn’t be a very good list if we didn’t mention MSU’s agricultural science programs. MSU was originally called the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan prior to its name change in 1955. At more than 5,000 acres, MSU’s campus is one of the largest by land area in the nation.

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